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Navigating Counseling Ethics & Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s continue our exploration into the world of counseling, but this time, we’re shining a light on the ethical guidelines and regulations that shape the profession. Just like deciphering those acronyms, understanding the principles of professional conduct can feel like navigating a maze. But fear not! I’m here to break it down for you in […]

Acronyms, Certifications, Degrees, and Licenses: Part One

A Ridiculously Brief History Acronyms are everywhere – you see them at restaurants, in business meetings, in insurance, in stocks, in your kiddo’s classroom. They are also prevalent in the world of medicine and mental health. And let’s be real, it can be overwhelming. In the mental health world alone – they are abundant – […]

It’s Intentional

A few years ago, I was teaching middle school in Houston, Texas, and it occurred to me that I spent much of my time working on building supportive, nurturing, and safe relationships with students because I realized there were some students that needed safety and support far more than they needed a literary lecture. It […]