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For Parents and Kiddos

Eating Disorders

Central Texas Eating Disorder Specialists

Mendoza Nutrition Therapy – group of registered dieticians working specifically with eating disorders and disordered eating

Better Together Therapy – working with kiddos from 5-18, certified in sand tray, working with clients with eating disorders, body image struggles, and SPED and 504

Heal Good Counseling – At Healgood Holistic Counseling we work with age groups 8 yo and up. We specialize in Eating Disorders, OCD and Neurodivergence. In addition, we have several exciting groups for teens and adults including a Tween Summer Camp (age group 11 – 13 yo) that facilitates emotional and social growth.

Anxiety and OCD

First Contact – Working with high schoolers through adults through an “athletic and high performing” lens. Serving the Greater Austin area. High school – adult, and families.

Lauren Garfield – CEDAR PARK – seeing kids and teens with OCD

Austin Anxiety and OCD Specialists – provides testing services and an overnight adventure camp

Central Texas Anxiety and OCD Center – work with students of all ages with offices in Austin, Georgetown, and Lakeway

SPED and 504 and Neurodivergent

Sandie Hinton-Owens – provides 504/SPED advocacy as well as individual therapy. I specialize in neurodivergent populations and I’m TGCT trained for grief and trauma.

Kelly Nowotny – former Special Education teacher, trained in play therapy, sees children with OCD as well

Julia Clark – providing assessments at Neurobehavioral Institute of Austin for things like ADHD, autism, anxiety, etc, and specializing in suicidality and non-suicidal self-injury in her own practice in South Austin

Well Played Family Therapy – We specialize in working with neurodivergent kids (3 and up) and their families in navigating growing up in a world not built for them. We can also assist parents with the SPED/504 process. And we also offer CPRT trainings for parents to improve communication and understanding between kids and parents.

Mindful Connections Counseling – We provide play therapy, trauma therapy, and animal assisted counseling and 504/SPED advocacy.

ATX Psych Ed Services – offering evaluations for ages 4-19. Located in Cedar Park and have 20+ years of experience in schools prior to full time private practice. Can consult on IEPs/504 accommodation plans and offer practical recommendations for schools and home.

Texas Psychology & Assessment Center


These resources have been specifically identified for their expertise in serving sexual and gender minorities. It is important to note that this designation does not suggest that the aforementioned resources are not safe spaces for the LGBTQIA+ population.

Cindy Jones – Works with children of all ages, specifically teens. Worked in Education for 7 years

Prairie Therapy and Healing – Specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and disordered eating, they also extend their expertise to provide therapy for parents, new parents, and individuals navigating challenges related to fertility, LGBTQ+ conception, adoption, and transitions into parenthood. Operating exclusively in virtual settings, they are dedicated to supporting both teens and adults in their journey towards improved mental well-being.

Pflugerville Counseling Center – We have people that see 3+ (though majority of us see teens and only a few do the super younger ones). There‚Äôs a variety of specialities but we have several RPTs, EMDR, sandtray people, AutPlay, theraplay, work a lot with trauma, neurodivergence, LGBTQ+, and even a therapy Bunny with our CAAC therapist! We also have several formal school counselors that know their way well around 504/IEP/advocating with families.

Clubs and Camps

Racing Minds – nonprofit running club for kids with a focus on mental health