It’s Intentional

A few years ago, I was teaching middle school in Houston, Texas, and it occurred to me that I spent much of my time working on building supportive, nurturing, and safe relationships with students because I realized there were some students that needed safety and support far more than they needed a literary lecture. It was undeniable the improvement I saw in my students’ attitudes and academics when my primary goal was to create a space where they could feel free to be their authentic selves and explore what success meant to them.

From that experience, I realized I wanted to do more than teach. While I loved my time in the classroom, I realized that I had a desire to learn more about how people develop attachments, interpret the world, and navigate relationships. Three years into teaching, I returned to school to start a MEd in Counseling. Through my coursework, time with mentors, internships, and practicums, my understanding of the nervous system grew exponentially, and my passion for creating a safe space for others to grow expanded.

So here we are.

May 2021

In the three years that I have been practicing, I have come to appreciate how much intentionality plays a part in our healing process. Mending our wounds is not something that just happens to us. It is an active, intentional process that we must take charge of. Through intentional breathwork, awareness of self-talk, setting boundaries with others and ourselves, and processing our stories, emotions, and traumas in a safe, non-judgmental space, we can disrupt unhealthy generational patterns, improve our health and well-being, and live our most authentic lives.

I am passionate about holding space for others, and I have had many amazing mentors along the way that have held space for me. Through that, I have been able to experience growth and appreciate that I will always be growing. Our paths are not perfect. We are not without flaw or fault, and we are worthy and loveable all the same.

I am excited to be on this journey, and I am here as a resource to anyone that is interested in learning more about the counseling process.



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  1. Tom & Polly Brumfield

    To see you fulfill your potential is such a measure of success for me. Not my success, YOURS. Your experiences have brought relief to others. Thank you our very special grand daughter.


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